Marvel’s “What If?” Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and More

Marvel’s What if..? It is an American series based on an animated anthology. The main writer and creator of this series is A. C. Bradley. It is streaming on Disney+. Marvel’s What If? is the first series of Marvel Cinematic Universe that is based on animation. The creator is the main writer of this series. Bryan Andrews is the director of this masterpiece.

What If

It focuses on different timelines which represent how things would have changed if the leading moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies happened in a distinctive manner. Let’s get more insights into this Marvel series. In this article, we have covered everything about Marvel’s What if season 2? If you are a fan of MCU then this article is for you. Keep Reading!

Marvel’s What If? Background & Storyline

Marvel What if..? is based on the plot of the eponymic comic series of 1977. This comic series continued from the year 1977 to 1984. After a few years in 1989, the second volume of this comic series was released, which continued till 1998. This series doesn’t stop there, it was further published in 11 installments. The most recent edition of this story was published in 2018.

In this recent one, the stories related to Ghost Rider, Thor, the X-Men, the punisher, and Spider-Man were written. With its great success, Marvel revealed the news in 2019 related to the adaptation by Disney+. Later the Chief creative officer of Marvel Kevin Feige mentioned that they already started working on Marvel’s What if? When the trailer of this series was released, it shows that the initial 10 episodes of the series are going to be fascinating. Disney+ version of this series was written and created by AC Bradley. Now let’s move to other details: release date, cast, plot, rumors, some spoilers, and most importantly its release date.

Marvel’s What If..? Release Date [Official Annoucement]

Season 2 of Marvel’s what if is ready to release this year. A.C. Bradley, the main writer, and creator of Marvel’s “What if” confirmed this news on Twitter. Although any particular date is not known yet. Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows. Like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and especially What If season 2. It is a natural phenomenon that people love to watch wild twists. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and shows are perfect examples of it. Marvel has already revealed some facts about the series like the actors that are returning in the series, and several plot lines of the story.

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About The What If season 2 Series

Talking about the story line this animated series adapted the comedy plot. in which they will show alternate possibilities and events that can happen in the hero’s life. Jeffrey Wright gave his voice to Uatu or also called Watcher. He noted many timelines and found out that there is a need to make a group of saviors. That can face and fight the threats in Infinity Ultron. He is a main member of the “alien race” and perceives the details of the multiverse. Even after that, he denies being a part of this, until the situation gets horrible.

Some of the favorite artists from season 1 that are coming back in season 2 are- Samuel L Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Tod Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Uatu or The Watcher by Jeffrey Wright, Peggy Carter or Captain Carter by Hayley Atwell, Gamora by Cynthia McWilliams.

Marvel What If? Latest News From The Production House

The creator Bradley responded to a report of THE DIRECT and confirmed the release on Twitter. Bradly tweeted that “See you later in 2022” which means this year. Also, season 2 of What if? is already delayed because of the pandemic situation worldwide. According to reports together with what if? season 2, another series of MCU also going to release this year.

Marvel’s What If? Spoilers Season 2

Although only a few details of this season have been released till now. But even those few details are enough to say that the season is going to be amazing. It is of multiversal nature which means the plot can literally change anytime, anywhere. It will give you a thrilling and fantastic experience. We don’t want to spoil your curiosity to watch the season. Still, only little details are out so you can read them without fear of losing your excitement.

  • However, the information is not official yet but it is possible that an episode from season 1 will proceed in the following season. Which concept is going to proceed in season 2 is not out yet.
  • No information related to that mysterious episode has been revealed yet. Possibly it could be the plot of Ultron storyline.
  • The creator of the series mentioned that this season will include new characters for the 4th phase. As the three phases are already covered in season 1.
  • The main writer has given optimism to the fans that they are going to enjoy many twists and turns. various new characters maybe from TV shows or series.
  • Bradley also mentioned that this is the nice thing about the Marvel Universe, as it is continuously expanding so there are more and more characters to enjoy and play with.
  • There is also a possibility of the return of evil doctor strange of season 1. Again, not confirmed yet but still, you can expect to see him again.

Rumors and spoilers came every time before the release. Some of them might be true, others may not be. Only one thing is to assure that fans are going to enjoy this ultimate season 2 of What If.?

Marvels What If…? Season 2 Total Episodes

Similar to the first season, this season also has 9 episodes only and the average time of each episode is 30 minutes. On asking from Winderbaum related to the length of episodes. He replied the target is of half an hour for each episode. So they did the same. Some episodes of them could be a little longer and others could be shorter. It depends on the production time for each episode. He mentioned that they have a fixed budget according to which they need to work. Hence a 9 episode series is the right quantity for that. Initially, it was decided that both the seasons of What If? will be 10 episodes long. Due to the pandemic circumstances, the plan changed and now it is a  9 Episode series.

Marvel What if Season 2 Plot

The same anthology format is expected in the series. An amazing combination of saviors or superheroes is going to be the attraction of the series. They are the main characters of this anime. Various new villains and heroes are going to show up in the second season. All 9 episodes will cover new stories, heroes, and the plot of phase 4. Together with a lot of fun. The main writer also mentioned that they tried to cover as many stories. From writers to editors everyone did their best to entertain their viewers. They did their best, now it’s our time to watch and appreciate the creativity and hard work of the cast and crew. It is also possible that the characters from Eternals, Black Widow, and other shows will show up in the series. The most remarkable thing about What if? the series is that the audience will explore the eternal multiverse.

Marvel What If? Season 2 Cast

The main characters from the previous season are coming back in season 2 as well. In order to represent the plot of phase 4 more effectively, many other avatars are added to the cast as characters from the black widow, Legend of ten rings, Eternals, and others are possibly going to appear in the show.

Where You Can Watch Marvel What If? Season 2

Many people got confused and started searching for What if on Netflix. But as it is a Disney plus original series, it is available only on Disney Plus. So you can directly check it there, after its release. Till then consider watching the first season again. So that you can relive the magnificent moments of it. This will make you enjoy season 2 even more.

Final Words

So, this season of 9 episodes with half an hour each will entertain you with its thrilling twists and turns. Season 2 is going to be as amazing as its previous season. There is no need to praise Marvel movies. They are obviously the best and everyone’s favorite. Each of his productions is commendable and entertains the audience at its best.

So don’t forget to check the updates of the release for season 2. It is expected to be released soon. Fans are already waiting for the season to release. With the voice for best characters by the best actors like Uatu or The Watcher by Jeffrey Wright, Peggy Carter or Captain Carter by Hayley Atwell, Gamora by Cynthia McWilliams, Mick Wingert will play Tony Stark or Iron Man, and so on. This series seems to be a big hit.

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