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In light of Lena Dunham’s decision to get a hysterectomy

What is Endometriosis?

The uterus is a small, hole pear-shaped organ in a girl’s pelvis. The medical time period for the membrane that strains the within of the uterus is endometrium.

So, what’s endometriosis?

A traditional endometrial tissue is contained in the uterus. But typically a small quantity of endometrial tissue can find yourself within the ovaries, bowel, diaphragm, or bladder. The endometrial tissue can then break down and “bleed” into locations that it doesn’t belong — and that may trigger signs.

There is nobody trigger of this situation, however some issues are linked to a larger threat: extended publicity to estrogen, heavy menstrual bleeding and excessive consumption of trans unsaturated fats.

PHOTO: Endometriosis is the presence of the uterine lining outside the uterine cavity.UIG through Getty Images
Endometriosis is the presence of the uterine lining exterior the uterine cavity.

How dangerous is endometriosis?

It is a nonmalignant (non-cancerous) medical situation. But it does have severe results; it has been reported in up to 50 % of girls with infertility, and it may be painful.

Some research recommend that endometriosis impacts anyplace from 1-7 % of girls. It is difficult to say precisely what number of girls have the situation as a result of about one-third don’t have any signs, and should by no means know they’ve it.

For the opposite two-thirds, some indicators and signs embrace:

— Heavy or irregular bleeding
— Pain within the decrease half of the stomach
— Pain with sexual exercise or train
— Pain with bowel actions, typically with cycles of diarrhea and constipation
— Bloating, nausea, and vomiting
— Pain with urination or urinary frequency

Women ought to discuss to their physician — they might have the opportunity to make a analysis based mostly on a medical historical past and a medical examination. But the one method to know for certain if it’s endometriosis is for a surgeon to search for endometriosis tissue exterior the uterus.

How is endometriosis handled?

The remedy for endometriosis is individualized and is determined by signs. Treatment can also be based mostly on whether or not or not you are attempting to get pregnant.

Some remedy choices embrace ache medicines, medicines generally used for contraception, or differing kinds of surgical procedures together with laparoscopy or hysterectomy. In a hysterectomy, a girl’s uterus is eliminated. This is beneficial if different remedy choices fail (this could cease heavy bleeding and extreme ache).

Jay-Sheree Allen is a household medication resident doctor on the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and a resident on the ABC News Medical Unit.

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