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Pres. Trump’s complex relationship with guns

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Evolution plays many tricks against large-scale bioproduction — ScienceDaily

The transition in direction of sustainable biobased chemical manufacturing is necessary for inexperienced progress, however productiveness and yield of engineered cells incessantly lower in giant industry-scale fermentation. This barrier to commercialization of extra bioprocesses is essentially ascribed to the bodily inefficacies of enormous cubic-meter metal tanks. Bioengineers have lengthy debated …

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Experiments with ‘molecular anvils’ mark an important advance for mechanochemistry, which has the potential to make chemistry greener and more precise — ScienceDay by day

Scientists have turned the smallest doable bits of diamond and different super-hard specks into “molecular anvils” that squeeze and twist molecules till chemical bonds break and atoms alternate electrons. These are the first such chemical reactions triggered by mechanical stress alone, and researchers say the technique gives a brand new …

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